Friday, May 12, 2017

S1 Lifer Visor Helmets

Hello Derbyverse!  I know it's been a long time since I've posted, I'm sure you know how life can get in the way any case, there are quite a few new products on the market that I've been trying out or getting feedback on so I can pass this info onto you!

Glitter Black Visor Helmet

The first product I'd like to talk about is the S-One Lifer Visor helmet.  The original Visor helmet was released a little over a year ago and sold out quickly; however, as with many first time products on the market, it had a few tweaks to work out.  A few months ago, the Visor 2.0 was released with improvements such as a better way to keep helmet panties from slipping off and a removeable visor for those times you don't want to use it, it gets scratched up, or you want to swap out with the Iridium visor which acts like sunglasses for your helmet.  The Iridium visors are not approved for WFTDA play, but would be awesome for trail skating on sunny days.
Iridium Visor
Clear Visor

Caveat: I haven't personally worn the Lifer Visor helmet.  I've worn Lifer helmets for years and haven't had any issues with them. From personal observations as well as testimonials, some skaters tend to get hit in the face more often than others or wear glasses which can cause quite a bit of damage when hit by the stray shoulder.  Other skaters wear contacts which dry out pretty quickly when skating on the track and the Visor helps to prevent the wind from drying them out.
Silvie Postlewaight,
Currently Skating With Glasgow Roller Derby 

I received reviews from quite a few skaters who have been using the Lifer Visor helmet and here are the pros and cons they mentioned:


  • Visor protected the skater's face from a hit that ended up gouging the visor. (Potential eye damage avoided)
  • Protects the eyes and noses of shorter skaters.
  • Helps keep bugs from flying in your eyes when skating outside.
  • Visor is easily removeable/replaceable so you can choose to wear it for some activities and take it off for others where you are less likely to get hit in the face.
  • "I feel like I look really darn cool when wearing this helmet." -Lauren Malis

Gold Glitter Lifer Visor


  • Visor got scratched during the first part of an international game to the point vision was impaired.  Unfortunately, this skater lives in a country where getting a replacement visor is cost prohibitive otherwise getting a replacement visor would quickly solve this issue.
  • Some skaters reported the Visor helmets were hotter than the normal Lifer helmets; yet still not as hot as many of the hockey type helmets they previously tried.
  • One skater stated that the extra weight bothered her, none of the other skaters mentioned this.
  • One skater mentioned when being hit from the side, the noise was startlingly loud.
  • Takes some practice getting helmet panties off and on.

Glossy Red Visor Helmet
For the most part, I got very positive feedback on the helmets.  Most of the skaters just stated that they loved their helmets with no extra information to back it up.  In my experience, when skaters have issues with their gear, they have no qualms stating so...when things are going great and working well, I usually don't hear much feedback.

Overall, if you have issues getting hit in the upper face due to being a shorter skater or just from skating styles of those around you, I'd definitely give the S-One Lifer Visor a shot.  One thing I'd like to point out, the visors come with a thin removable film on them so if things look blurry at first, make sure you've taken this film off.

Purple Visor Helmet

Hopefully that gives you a little insight on these helmets.  If you have any further feedback, feel free to leave a comment or message me at

The next articles that I currently have in the works are for Halo, Savant, and Anabolix wheels as well as the new 187 Slim elbow pads and Smith Derby knee pads.  If you have any feedback on any of these items, I'd love to hear from you!

I'm also working on some general Roller Derby articles for Marni Boer's project All Things Derby, so check out all the goodies she's got going on over there.

 Until we skate again! Shocker