Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Halo Wheels, Straight From Heaven!

Radar has done it again, revolutionizing Roller Derby wheels with their newest offering: Halo Wheels!

Halo "H" Shaped Hub
Halo wheels were designed with an oversized hub which is shaped to have more urethane in the center and less on the edges.  Radar claims "this makes it easier to perform stops and offers excellent response. The middle of the hub has room for more urethane, which offers grip, increases control and improves ride."  And you know what?  It's absolutely true!

I tested the Halo 93a (pink hub) wheels and was super skeptical.  I'm a heavier skater so for the last couple years I preferred to skate on aluminum hubbed, 62mm wheels.  Every time I've tried to go to nylon hubbed, 59mm wheels I felt the wheels flex and felt sluggish.  However, the Halo wheels surprised me.  I absolutely loved them!

I felt no flex with the Halo wheels, felt no loss of speed, and they were very responsive.  On top of all that, they are super lightweight at about 10.6 oz per 4 pack.

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Halo wheels only come in 59mm, which is a bit of a bummer for those of us who prefer taller wheels but the range of 6 hardnesses makes up for it.  The grippiest Halos are 86a and the hardest are 97a.

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New Solaris Pro Package

I've had many skaters purchase these wheels or rent them from my wheel library and have gotten almost all positive feedback and most wheels were purchased after being checked out.  Some skaters have had to try a couple different hardnesses before finding the right balance between speed and grip and one skater had an issue with chunking (in this case Radar replaced the wheels, no questions asked) but other than that skaters seem to love these wheels.  If you are looking to try something new, I'd definitely recommend getting some Halos.

Until we skate again!