Friday, November 23, 2012

The G stands for Gear...

So, you want to know more about my G spot?  Well, I hope I'm not disappointing you, but the G stands for Gear...specifically Roller Derby Gear.

I have been playing Roller Derby for 4 years and selling Roller Derby gear and clothing for the last year and a half.  In that time, I have done a lot of research and product testing in order to be able to find what is going to work for Roller Derby and what falls short.  As a "bigger" player, I think I bring a different perspective to the world of Roller Derby gear than a lot of the other bloggers I follow (I prefer to think gravity just affects me more).

This is the first time I am trying out this blog thing.  I have some ideas for future posts, but if you have a request feel free to e-mail me at  In the meantime...check out our website and FaceBook page for new products, specials, and giveaways.  Speaking of giveaways, we are going to be giving one of our fans an awesome gift bag full of Derby goodness once we get 750 likes on FaceBook, so tell your friends!

My next post will be a generic overview of wheels (wide vs slim, standard vs low/micro, durometers, etc.) along with a few specific wheel reviews.   Between now and then though, let's talk about your gear in general...When is the last time you inspected your safety equipment? I bet for a lot of you the answer is “never.” We put our bodies and equipment through a lot during practices and bouts, and I’m sorry to tell you, none of it is meant to last forever (equipment or bodies!).

Pads wear out, knee pad caps crack, helmets take a beating, and contrary to popular belief, duct tape is not the answer.   Skates have parts that wear out. Cushions, pivot cups, bearings, toe stops, and wheels all need to be serviced and/or replaced when they are worn out.  Some skate parts only need to be checked a couple times per season, but you should be checking your equipment fairly regularly to make sure it is still working (protecting) like it should.  It's less expensive to replace those cracked knee pad caps than surgery to repair a torn ACL.

See you on the track!


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